Stone, Soils & Mulch



Bulk Top Soil in stock daily (Delivery Available)

Premium Organic Top Soil

Epsoma Organic Garden Soil

Scotts Lawn Soil

Composted Manure

Organic Potting Soil with Moisture Control

Epsoma Cactus/ Succulent Soil




Cedar Mulch

Natural Cedar Mulch       3 cu ft bags 

Red Cedar Mulch             3 cu ft bag 

Black Cedar Mulch           3 cu ft bag 

Brown Cedar Mulch         3 cu ft bag

Peat Moss (1/2 and Full Bales available)

*Bulk Cedar Mulch Available in All Colors by special order.

*Premium Blue Grass Sod call for availability 

Hardwood Mulch

Black Hardwood Mulch       2cu ft bags

Red Hardwood Mulch         2 cu ft bags

Brown Hardwood Mulch    2 cu ft bags

Bulk Hardwood mulch available by special order only

*For projects requiring installation of bulk material

Contact Us about our blower services.



Sunset Lite


.5 cu ft bags 3/4″

Decorative Boulders Available

Pocono River Stone

.5 cu ft bags 3/4″

.5 cu ft bags 1″- 3″ 


Marble Chip

.5 cu ft bag 1/2″

.5cu ft bag 1″

.5 cu ft bag 1 1/4 “

Maryland River

.5 cu ft bag pea gravel

.5 cu ft bag 3/4″

.5 cu ft bag 2″


Autumn Red Stone

.5 cu ft bag 3/4″

Also Available: Mystic Rose & Floral Pink

Lava Rock

1 cu ft bag 

Sunset Lite: .5 cu ft bag 3/4″

Floral Pink

.5 cu ft bag 1″

Mystic Rose

.5 cu ft bag 3/4″

Play Sand

.5 cu ft bag