Students Get New School Garden and Agricultural Programs at P.S. 13

Sweetbrook Donates Time & Labor to Help Build Special Planting Beds for Children’s Project Hospitality Program


There is something that happens to a child’s mind, body and soul when they experience how to garden and it is unfortunate that not all schools are able to provide that educational experience to children. Sweetbrook wants to bring the opportunity for every child to get their hands into the soil.

P.S. 13 in Rosebank was looking to provide their students with the experience to plant nourish and grow a garden, and see the end result help others in need.  Sweetbrook was thrilled to offer their time and manpower to make this garden come to life.  They constructed five planting beds thus far, with plans for rapid expansion annually, that are being used as vegetable gardens for grades one through five.

Children from P.S. 13, not only got to reap the reward of seeing their hard work make beautiful greens but they also learned the importance of giving back.  The fresh produce that was cared for and harvested from these gardens have been donated to Project Hospitality.

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