10 Easy-To-Grow Plants To Put In the Ground This Spring

Whether you are a novice at gardening or are strapped for time and want an array of plants with minimal maintenance, this list of easy-to-grow plants will help guide you on what to plant in your garden this spring. Many of the plants, shown below, are able to withstand harsh varying temperatures and continue to grow annually. These plants will surely add a pop of color and design to your home garden.

1- Azaleas

Coming in a variety of colors, these beautiful evergreens bloom in the spring. Great accent plant for a dappled sun to open shade landscapes.

2- Hostas

This sun tolerant plant is known for their large satiny green leaves. Funnel-shaped flowers bloom in a dark lavender. A perennial.

3- Hydrangeas

Known for their gorgeous flower clusters that change colors depending on if you plant in acidic or alkaline soils.

4- Daylily’s

These hardy perennials, produce at least a dozen flower buds per stem. These plants stay in bloom for several weeks from late spring to fall.

5- Chrysanthemum

Also known as mums, create dense foliage in a neat mounded form. They are considered late-season flowers, but many types bloom in spring as well. The perennials come in a variety of colors

6- Daffodils

Known for their trumpet-shaped flower, these leafless flowers can have up to 20 blooms on the top. They are dependable perennials that return year after year with more and more blooms.

7- Black Eyed Susans

A perennial, known as the colorful fuss-free plant. Tolerates heat, humidity and clay soil.

8- Spirea

Provides dazzling foliage and flowers from spring through fall. These magical plants are easy to care for and change colors each season (spring – orange, yellow – summer, rich orange – autumn).

9- Salvia

These stalks of dark blue and blue flowers thrive in high heat and humidity. Perennials in warm winter regions.

10- Euonymus

Well-behaved evergreen plant that makes a great hedge that requires minimal care.